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Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book. Ye Hai Mohabbatein (lit. This is love) is an Indian soap opera which first aired on Star Plus on 3 December 2013.[2] It was created by Ekta Kapoor and is produced by her production company Balaji Telefilms.[3] The show stars Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel. Ye Hai Mohabbatein.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book


The story is partially based on Manju Kapur’s novel, Custody. Set in Delhi, the show follows the love story of Tamil dentist Dr. Ishita Iyer and Punjabi CEO Raman Kumar Bhalla. Ishita is infertile and becomes emotionally attached to Raman’s daughter, Ruhi, who lives with her divorced father. Raman’s ex-wife, Shagun, lives with her boyfriend, Ashok Khanna. Due to circumstances, Raman and Ishita marry each other.Then fall in love with each other madly[7] The show has won more than 50 awards.

The show took a seven-year leap in April 2016 followed by a one-year leap in November 2016 and a two-year leap in November 2017.[8][9][10] On 9 December 2016 the show completed its 1,000th episode. It has filmed at several foreign locations including Australia, Budapest and London.

Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book
Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book

Plot [ Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book ]

Tamil dentist Ishita Vishwanathan Iyer and Punjabi businessman Raman Kumar Bhalla live in Delhi with their parents. Ishita, who is infertile, forms a motherly bond with Raman’s troubled little daughter, Ruhi. To prevent Raman’s ill-intentioned ex-wife, Shagun, from taking custody of the girl, Ishita and Raman get married and develop a deep bond.

Ashok, Raman’s former boss and the current boyfriend of Shagun, orchestrates a plot to defame Ishita’s cousin, Mihika, and make her his wife. Cast aside, Shagun seeks refuge for herself and her son, Aditya, at the Bhalla household, where she plots against Ishita to reclaim Raman. However, Ishita and Raman only grow closer and Shagun is thrown out of the house. She kidnaps Ruhi and Aditya, and Ishita risks her life to save the children. The act causes Shagun to re-examine herself and turn her life around. Raman’s brother Romi is told that his ex-girlfriend Sarika had his child and convinces her to marry him.

Ashok is revealed to be a sex offender and his marriage with Mihika ends in divorce. Ishita is able to become pregnant with Raman’s child, but suffers a miscarriage when Ashok tries to kill the entire family. The couple decide to try again with a reformed Shagun acting as their surrogate. However, there are difficulties in the household as Ashok has a spy among them, which turns out to be Sarika: the child she claimed to be Romi’s was adopted. Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book

Ishita finds the real parents of the ‘orphan’ but accidentally kills the father and is convicted for murder. Raman is convinced to marry Nidhi, a defence lawyer, to save Ishita. When Raman and Ishita’s child Pihu was born, Nidhi kidnaps the newborn. As Ishita tries to rescue Pihu, Nidhi also kidnaps Ruhi and fakes their deaths. Incensed over the loss, Raman banishes Ishita from the house. Before he can correct his mistake, Ishita attempts suicide, leaving everyone to think she is dead, while she was actually saved by her friend Mani.

Seven years later[Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book]

After living in Australia with Mani, Ishita returns to India and meets Raman, who feels betrayed that she lived away from him for so many years. Ishita and Raman learn that Ruhi is alive and living as pop star Ruhaan. In order to win her back, they mend their relationship. This disappoints Pihu, who believes that Raman and Shagun are her parents. Raman and Ishita get Shagun and Mani married, but afterward, Shagun turns Pihu rebellious.

Aditya and Mani’s niece, Aliya fall in love. Ishita and Raman get remarried. After Pihu learns that Ishita and Raman are her real parents, Mani and Shagun decide to leave the country with her. Raman desperately goes with them, in hopes of counteracting Shagun’s influence.

One year later [ Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book ]

Shagun, Mani, Aliya and Pihu have been living in Bangkok, Thailand with Raman staying nearby to keep an eye on Pihu. Ruhi explains to Pihu the sacrifices that Ishita made for her, leading Pihu to accept Ishita as her mother. Dejected, Shagun returns to India.

After a man tries to blackmail Ruhi, Ishita handles the situation while Raman goes berserk. Upset with Raman’s anger issues, Ishita leaves with Pihu and lives with Shagun, who is pregnant with Mani’s child. Nidhi kills Ishita’s sister, Vandita, and Raman is charged with the crime. Ishita proves his innocence and has Nidhi arrested. Afterward, Aditya and Aliya get married.

Mani is presumed dead in an accident and Raman is wrongfully charged again. His innocence is proven when it is revealed that Mani is alive. Ruhi becomes friends with Pihu’s friend, Riya, and develops feelings for Riya’s father, Nikhil. As Nikhil’s true colours are revealed, Ishita and Raman struggle as Ruhi falls in love with the wrong person.

Pihu pushes her cousin Ananya down a staircase in a fatal accident. Raman’s sister, Simmi, the mother of Ananya, is outraged and demands justice. To protect Pihu, Ishita makes a false confession and is sentenced to life imprisonment, while a disbelieving Raman is left heartbroken. Unknown to Raman, Ashok later reopens the case, proving Ishita’s innocence.

Two years later [ Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book ]

A broken Bhalla family visits Budapest, Hungary for a business trip, where they fall into a trap set by Simmi and Param, Ananya’s parents. Aditya is struggling to save his marriage as Aliya develops a gambling addiction. Pihu has been put in a boarding school, where Simmi torments her. Raman’s depression is exploited with drug abuse, to the point where he has forgotten his family and allowed Param to take over his company. Ishita arrives, aided by Ashok, who has reformed after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Back in Delhi, Ishita tries to help Raman regain his memories. Pihu is kidnapped by Nikhil, who is working with Simmi and Param, and Ishita becomes paralysed in the ensuing conflict. The stress causes Raman to have a seizure and Simmi convinces the family that Ishita is the source of the stress. Ishita is warned to stay away or Raman could die.

Simmi frames Aliya for the murder of a money lender, in order to force Ishita to sign divorce papers. With Mihika’s help, Ishita defeats Simmi and Param, who are ousted from the family. Ishita is welcomed back into the family. Watch Ye Hai Mohabbatein Full Episodes Online, Get Full Story Book

It is revealed that Ruhi was molested by Nikhil, but kept silent due to Simmi’s threats. Ishita gets Nikhil arrested and Raman remembers that Ruhi is his daughter. Simmi, still vengeful, shoots Ishita. Ishita is taken to the hospital, where Raman is convinced he shot her. Ishita becomes blind and Raman wants to be sent to an asylum, as he thinks he is a danger. Ashok decides to donate his eyes to Ishita, who heals. A happy Raman decides to take Ishita on a trip to London where Romi, Aditya, Shagun and Aaliya also arrived for their separate reasons and they all meet Roshni there. An anonymous woman in London who may be a spirit appears to possess Ishita.

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